I am YaSheema Marshall, the founder and owner of Living The Hotmoms Life blog.  I am a social worker of 20 years and dedicated the majority of my adult life helping families in various social systems such as child welfare, juvenile delinquency and mental health.  As a parent coach, I combined my enjoyment of writing with my passion for helping families get through difficult times and launched my very first blog, Love Your Child To Life in 2012 which focused on giving parents solutions to challenging problems.  This blog was the foundation for my first book, “Parenting Ain’t Easy”.  As I grew in my motherhood journey, I realized the need for moms to find support, information and inspiration during their motherhood journey which inspired me to change the focus of my blogging to writing about relevant motherhood topics. 

I am the mother of 6 children (4 adult bonus children and 2 biological teen sons) whom I adore.  Being a mom has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences I have ever faced to date.  My motherhood has been nothing short of a lifetime of adventures.  Yet, we sometimes feel unworthy, unappreciated and guilty for not being the “perfect mom” or desiring a life that includes more than just motherhood. Moms are often faced with making the difficult choice between their dreams or motherhood because having both seems almost impossible.  I believe that mothers often lack the support, information and tools that they need to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations they desire.  It is because of these barriers why this blog was birthed.  To create a movement to educate, empower and uplift mothers during their motherhood journey.

My mission is to help mothers embrace their own authenticity, enjoy ALL of their life and be their best them NOW not later!  Because I also founded The Hotmoms Life Club, throughout the year we host fun and educational events to help mothers focus on improving their health–financially, mentally, physically and spiritually which I will share with you here on my blog.  I also host an annual conference in an awesome atmosphere where mothers from all walks of life will feel honored and celebrated for who they are and what they have done to impact the lives of their families and communities while still taking care of themselves!  I hope this blog is helpful to you as you soar and find inner peace along your motherhood journey.  



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