Tackling The Busy Holiday Season!


It’s that time of year where we get so excited about all of the parties, the decorations, the family visiting from out of town and of course the shopping!  But sometimes the holidays can really do a number on us in terms of major emotional and physical burnout as we try our hardest as moms to make it to every party, buy gifts for everyone and to make the holidays memorable for all of those around us.  Yes, as mom we have our children whom we want to brag about their memories during the holidays to their children and their grandchildren but at what cost.  Do we really have to make sure that everything is perfect down to the little decorated bush in the front yard?  I know some of you will answer yes to this question and then some of you will stop and say…what am I really doing?  I love the holidays but I learned that we spend days and months preparing for one day with shopping, cooking, decorating, wrapping gifts, entertaining guests and sometimes we forget about the most important thing about the holidays and that’s actually spending time with your family.  Sure, you’ll say….but I am spending time with my family every time I drag my kids, kicking and screaming, to yet another Christmas party or family get together.   How about you do a few things differently this year that will help you have a piece of mind and actually create an opportunity for you to enjoy the holidays a little more.

  1.  Say no to some parties and get togethers this year….you don’t have to attend every single one.  Just Say NO!!
  2. Do some of your shopping either online or when the kids are not home or during a time when they are not hungry or sleepy.
  3. Re-evaluate your family traditions or actually create some this year that’s just relevant to your immediate family where you focus on your needs.
  4. Spend some actual time with your family–kids, spouse, etc. enjoying one another and doing something fun and bond-building.  This type of quality time is what they’ll remember and share with their children and grandchildren.

I hope your holiday is filled with blessings and joy throughout the New Year and I hope you use some of these easy tips to help you have a less stressful holiday season!

YaSheema,                                                                                                                                              The Hotmoms Life

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