Setting Our Kids Up For Success!

As we begin a new year in 2018, I know lots of us have sat down to write our goals and have attended vision boards parties, etc.  But I wonder if when you were planning your goals and creating your vision board, did you include your kids or help them write their goals for the upcoming year?  As hotmoms, we have to help align our kids for success just as we do for ourselves.  We must have a vision for our family that also correlates with our personal goals.

What are your values?  What do your kids want to accomplish in their life?  How are you helping them visualize their future?  Helping your children establish goals for their lives is just as important as setting goals for yourself each year.  As 2017 came to an end I began to think about if my year was successful and if I accomplished what I intended to throughout the year….I look at my goal list and begin to look down the list and evaluate what I can check off and what’s left to achieve.  I also look at my sons’ goal list or vision board and see what progress they made and begin to ask them what they would like to improve in their life.

The other week, I had my 2017 goal list on my desk and my husband asked me when did I write it.  At the end of 2016 I replied, “why?”  We both glanced over the list and he asked because there were so many goals on my list that I’d accomplished and he was impressed.  However, there were many that I didn’t which was cool because I judge the success of my year by not just how many goals I can check off my list but also what progress have I made towards my overall purpose in life!  Focusing on my purpose helps motivate me and drive me towards accomplishing goals that I set for myself and my business.

My goal list helps me focus on creating my vision boards (yes, I said boards) for the year.  There are so many industries that use collages, design boards, vision boards, etc. when they are working on projects, new business ventures, etc.  So, when we create vision boards for our life, it’s like creating a design board with all of the positive affirmations, goals, places, things, people, etc. that we visualize for our life and business for the upcoming year.  I create a vision board for my Hotmoms Conference each year because not only does it help me focus on what I want to accomplish with this conference but it also keeps me accountable to my purpose and vision.

How do you create a vision board?  When you join us on February 3, 2018 at 11am-2pm you’ll learn the importance of vision boarding, how to create an awesome vision board and how to go beyond the vision board and see your vision come to life just like you desired.  I am a believer in vision boarding and believe it is a great way to have a tangible visual tool to accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams.



Published by The Hotmoms Life Club

I am the CEO/Founder of this awesome moms club where our mission is to educate, empower and inspire mothers all over the world to live their best life NOW not later and to live it unapologetically and guilt-free! I've been mothering for 20 years and coaching moms just as long-- so my heart and passion is truly for mothers. No more living with guilt and fear--it's time to take your hotmomness back!! Join the tribe!

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