You Are Good Enough!

This is my first blog of the year!! I’m a little late in the year with my blogging but better now than never. I’ve been really laser focused on writing my new book that will be released very soon and being still in order to really get in tune with my purpose and path.

In 2018, I’m really going in overdrive with my motherhood empowerment movement and you’ll see lots of blogging and vlogging related to mommy topics. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my inspirational posts that I’ll be sharing via Instagram. My goal is to create a safe community of and for mothers where you can talk, listen and share your heart about the ups and downs of motherhood. So stay tuned and in touch by following my blog!

Today, I want you to know that you are good enough for your children. I remember as a new mom I didn’t always think that I was good enough for my children and didn’t know how to take care of them without ruining them. Lots of this was just fear and stinking thinking from my own childhood experiences. But I didn’t allow negative self talk to push me into a darker corner where I really would be no good for my children. Instead, I sought out resources, supportive people and built my confidence as a woman which influenced my confidence as a mother. I also realized that everything wasn’t going to be perfect and that my children loved me and I loved them and I was good enough for them! Speak positive and Silence the negative!


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