Be Who You Want To Be!

Most women are not authentic as they claim to be or want to be. Standing alone and truly being yourself as a person is not always easy. I remember as a young girl and young adult, I had to make some tough choices to be my authentic self in life. Unfortunately, losing close friends, not being invited places, being talked about behind my back were some of the repercussions of me choosing ME!

Because, isn’t that what we’re doing when we choose to authentic–choosing US over THEM. Whoever that “them” is–family, friends, co-workers, mom-friend, neighbors, etc. It’s deciding that you’re not going to be fake just to please someone else, make them feel comfortable or downgrade yourself. It’s deciding that you’re worth it, you deserve it and you’re enough!

Focus on yourself and always be true to yourself no matter what. There will be seasons where relationships will be purged, purposes & passions realigned that will make you feel uncomfortable or unsure of your path. Stay the course and keep pushing toward your goals & dreams in life because those who truly resonate with your authenticity will find you!

Stay True! Sheemathecoach❤️

H.O.T.M.O.M.S. 2018




Published by The Hotmoms Life Club

I am the CEO/Founder of this awesome moms club where our mission is to educate, empower and inspire mothers all over the world to live their best life NOW not later and to live it unapologetically and guilt-free! I've been mothering for 20 years and coaching moms just as long-- so my heart and passion is truly for mothers. No more living with guilt and fear--it's time to take your hotmomness back!! Join the tribe!

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