Conquer Your Fears TODAY!

What fears have you faced in life? In this picture, I had no choice but to face the fear of the unknown head-on.

Can you imagine the anxiety, the fear, the thoughts that we’re running through my mind as they put 1 scorpion after another into the closed chamber?

It didn’t matter…I’d committed, I’d taken the leap and I’d conquered a fear and released myself.

What fears are you conquering? What are you releasing so you can become a better you?




Published by The Hotmoms Life Club

I am the CEO/Founder of this awesome moms club where our mission is to educate, empower and inspire mothers all over the world to live their best life NOW not later and to live it unapologetically and guilt-free! I've been mothering for 20 years and coaching moms just as long-- so my heart and passion is truly for mothers. No more living with guilt and fear--it's time to take your hotmomness back!! Join the tribe!

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