A Mother’s Touch!

When you think about the word mother and what it means, what comes to mind? Words like love, caring, nurturing, acceptance, etc. Right? Well, at least this is what people “expect” to come to mind when the word mother is said.

Maybe this isn’t the case for everyone, and what comes to mind the word “mother” means hate, abandonment, criticism, unhappy, uncaring, cold, etc. Despite our expectations of what a mother should be, our reality is our reality.

Whether you are dealing with negative relationship issues with your mother from the past or present, you may have made poor choices in life due to your desire to experience the aspect of your mother’s love that you did not receive. Mother Hunger.

You make seek these feelings of satisfaction in other relationships, food, shopping, gambling, etc. But there will be no true satisfaction until you have truly healed from your broken relationship with your mother. You are not alone and help is here!

Join us on July 28 at 11 for a mini workshop where we’ll be helping women deal with past or present relationship issues with their moms.


Published by The Hotmoms Life Club

I am the CEO/Founder of this awesome moms club where our mission is to educate, empower and inspire mothers all over the world to live their best life NOW not later and to live it unapologetically and guilt-free! I've been mothering for 20 years and coaching moms just as long-- so my heart and passion is truly for mothers. No more living with guilt and fear--it's time to take your hotmomness back!! Join the tribe!

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