Video Game Addiction

When I first heard about “video game addiction” and read the article talking about kids being “addicted” to video games I was like really🤷! I have two teenage sons at home and we haven’t really been what you would call a “gamer family”. My sons have had the Nintendo Ds’s, XBox, Wii, etc. But they haven’t spent most of their time playing them. Lots of the times the game systems were collecting dust on the entertainment center.😁 So I had no worries about screen time, etc. for many years. They played outside, played sports, etc.

But then Fortnite came along last year and my oldest son has literally loss his God-given mind about this game. I mean, if you let him he can and will spend an entire day playing Fortnite on a lazy Saturday. He takes breaks to eat, use the bathroom, etc. but this had really gotten out of control quickly. I didn’t understand what the big deal was regarding this game🤷. It was really driving my hubby and I insane. We felt his grades were not the best because of his lack of focus, he’s spent money on the Microsoft account to by skins without permission, sneaking up after we’re asleep to play…. I know there are some moms and dads who can relate to this Fortnite foolery 😥.

So what did we do? We decided to use our leverage…THE GAME SYSTEM! First, we had a sit down discussion with him about discipline and managing his gaming behavior. Second, we came up with the rules, boundaries and consequences for not following the rules and boundaries. Third, when all else failed, the controller, keyboard, game system, etc. was confiscated and hidden until he was able to follow the rules and boundaries of gaming. Whew…I tell ya!😌 It was a journey and we still have to give reminders of the boundaries and rules and consequences but it’s much better.

Have you had this issue with your kids and their gaming habits? How did you deal with it? What rules did you put in place to help? Let me know!


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