Be Who You Want To Be!

Most women are not authentic as they claim to be or want to be. Standing alone and truly being yourself as a person is not always easy. I remember as a young girl and young adult, I had to make some tough choices to be my authentic self in life. Unfortunately, losing close friends, not … Continue reading Be Who You Want To Be!

Watch “The H.O.T.M.O.M.S. Conference” on YouTube!

It's summer time and while everyone is chillin' and relaxing we're getting things together for H.O.T.M.O.M.S 2018! We're making sure that this year's experience is like none other. With the inspiring messages, engaging breakouts and a dynamic Hotmoms panel discussion, you will have a great time! Check out the video to see how we do … Continue reading Watch “The H.O.T.M.O.M.S. Conference” on YouTube!

Mental Health is Important!

May is mental health awareness month and I want to talk to you about the importance of taking care of yourselves. If you're a busy mother you are no stranger to the busy schedules, hectic driving routines and chaotic evenings that may occur from time to time. Being a mother you're probably also used to … Continue reading Mental Health is Important!

Happy New Years Hotmoms!

Happy New Years Hotmoms! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and have your goals written down and ready to make some big things happen in 2018!  For the past 4 weeks, I've spent some quality time with my young nephews and my mother.  It's been a long time since I've had little people in … Continue reading Happy New Years Hotmoms!